An update post, yay!

Thank you for being a patron of this website, I mean, for your first visit on this website. I mean, for your accidental visit on this website. You must have found a depressing part of the deep internet (ha).

This year was a very difficult one, emotionally, ideologically, economically, however you put it (it doesn’t concern you, anyway). Though, this update post (you can’t even begin to call this a post…), however insignificant and useless its contents are, might give me (and you) a fickle of light and hope to continue moving forward in this life, by being a post itself.

A post, whatever it is, however it came by, marks a progress; a stepping stone, I dare say, if we are being the figurative guys. So in the desperate attempt to maintain this disposal dump of a site, I had the necessity to write this post. A progress, by being progress itself, is arguably always the fundamental component of hope. Yep, you heard (or rather, saw) it first here.

A bit of history. Only a couple of posts below this one is a Happy New Year post. Incidentally, the next New Year is drawing near. That is very awe-inspiring, if I think about it. I’m dead serious.

Having been very busy figuring out where the heck is the next useless checkpoint in the game of the millennium Real Life™ (you can’t revive back to a checkpoint) and still not figuring it out, I conclude that writing a post about future plans for your life and the future itself does nothing good and might just actually jinx your actual conceived future plans.

Instead of giving you an illusionary stepping stone to enact the said plans, you might have as well decided that they will not happen. It’s kinda the illegitimate sister of knowing a predetermined future; knowing that said future will inevitably happen, you gracefully embrace it and do nothing in an attempt to change it, in the comfort of inability. While that is totally fecked up, the same thing (“fecked up”) can be said to writing and listing down your future plans, and then not becoming a reality.

Now, you may ask and say, ‘What’s with this update post? It is clearly a nonse… err, sensible post for some sort of future plans…’ I’ve got to tell you, that you’re wrong. This is a ‘totally random post, made mostly of itchy fabrics of mental deductions of daily philosophical ideals that my brain conceived, thus it must be dumped’ kind of post. Any future plans written in this post is clearly for the amusement of the idea that this post beget.

tl;dr: There will be upcoming posts.

Now, that’s a good opportunity to be jinxed.


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