Very Late Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, very late, indeed. But better late than never, no?

But in actuality, I do not have the need to post this post with the convenient title. I posted it, anyway. Why? Is it because it’s habitual? A trend? A standard in this society/culture? Or is it because I do mean it?

Why do people do this every year? Why waste money, time, personnel, gun powder, paper? Do they do it with the same reason every year? Or is it because they are swayed by other people? That’s the thing about being a social being; we can’t help it. Whatever the reason perceived in doing it. Even though there is no point of doing it. Even if we do not mean it.

Honestly, I do not mean it also. I do not mean a happy new year for everyone. Heck, I do not even know the anonymous you. I don’t even think someone would visit this site on purpose. I just posted it because that’s what everyone does; you feel the need to do something because people around you did. That’s the power of social interaction. That, my friend, is being human.

When you don’t feel posting “happy new year” and you cannot think for this year to be a happy one, because of reasons like your life sucks™, or you’re just an old plain cynic, just think about this: we won’t be able to get at this point of human evolution if we’re not being human, if people don’t get to make examples from/for other people. This is seen on all fields and places humans go: art, technology, cities, cultures, etc. All of us revolve around human-acknowledged principles, like emotions, and it’s part of every work humanity have done in this cruel universe, however insignificant we are. We can’t be human without norms and morality. And giving and getting a “happy new year” doesn’t hurt.

So, happy new year to you guys.

Amidst all this “long” post, the truth is, I just got back from playing Real Life™ (the game has realistic graphics and damage parameters) and I got nothing to post so I posted this instead.


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